Insurer reports increase in winter weather claims

One motor car insurance provider reports that insurance claims have recently increased by 23 per cent recently.

Motorists have been struggling to remain in control of their vehicles due to icy and snowy roadway conditions. According to the AA, motorists have been reporting more accidents with other motorists, barriers, kerbs, and even collisions with wild animals.  The end result has been that both the AA and other car insurance companies have seen its claims rate increase by nearly one quarter.

The AA stated that some claims have become more common than others as a result of the winter weather conditions.  So far the most common occurrences have been collisions at bends or slips in the road or at traffic lights.  The next most common incident has been motorists crashing their vehicles into parked cars.

AA Insurance director Simon Douglas commented on the newly released figures.  Mr Douglas stated that another accident that seems to be occurring with regularity is that of cars striking kerbs that have been obfuscated by snow.  Such collisions can cause damage to a car’s suspension and to its wheels that can be quite costly to repair, he added.

Added to the list of objects struck by their drivers are hedges, fences, trees, telegraph poles, lamp posts, bollards, barriers, and grass embankments.  AA also found that 13 of their insurance customers found themselves abruptly and unceremoniously stuck in ditches for their troubles.

However many other factors have been contributing to the rise in insurance claims lately.

Motorists were recently issued a warning to be on the lookout for ice bandits who prey on cars left unattended with their engines on. Many drivers enjoy letting their cars heat up a bit so they don’t have to slide behind the wheel of an icy car. However leaving a car unattended in this manner could lead to serious ramifications if the car is stolen. Many insurers will invalidate a motorist’s insurance, or at least raise their car insurance rates, in the event of an ice bandit theft.

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