Car insurance companies raise premiums for winter tyres

In an example of no good deed going unpunished, one new report has revealed that many car insurance companies are actually raising rates for some motorists who have taken the initiative to fit their cars with winter tyres especially designed to minimise injury and accident on wet, snowy, and icy roadways.

As if finding discount car insurance in the UK wasn’t currently hard enough, a report published by Auto Express magazine has revealed that car insurance rates are being raised for those drivers who are switching out their standard tyres for winter tyres.  The rationale behind the additional charge is that some motor car insurance providers regard the change as a vehicle modification.

Tyre safety organisation TyreSafe has expressed concern regarding the seemingly backwards policy decision by select insurers.  Its criticism of the rate hike for safety-conscious drivers has been echoed by both the National Tyre Distributors Association and RoadSafe, two additional industry bodies.

TyreSafe chairman, Stuart Jackson, remarked that statistical testing and analysis has proven that tyres specifically designed to handle winter driving conditions increase road safety for motorists throughout the entire winter season and not just when there is ice and snow on the roads.  Penalising drivers for taking positive steps to improve road safety seemed absurd to Mr Jackson, as he stated that the insurance industry should be encouraging responsible behaviour since tyre-related accident deaths account for several casualties and fatalities every year.

Winter weather tyres, while usable all 12 months out of the year, particularly shine once cold weather is the norm.  When the temperature drops blow seven degrees Celsius, winter weather tyres resist the hardening that ‘standard’ tyres succumb to, which results in a heightened ability to grip the surface of the road properly.

Industry experts agree that those insurers set on penalising their customers for good behaviour are more than likely just shooting themselves in the feet when it comes time for renewals.

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