Motor car insurance holders warned on drink driving

As many consumers will be attending Christmas parties in the coming weeks, motor car insurance policy holders have been warned that drink driving offences could effect their ability to procure cover from virtually all car insurance companies.

Institute of Advanced Motorists research and policy director Neil Greg stated that having a drink driving offence on a consumer’s record is the kiss of death for being able to find discount car insurance.

Many car insurance companies will find consumers to be nigh-on un-insurable for as long as seven years, Mr Greg stated, as a number of them will simply refuse to insure anyone with a drink driving offence.

Even after someone with a drink driving offence gets their car back they will still face difficulties procuring insurance, least of all discount car insurance, continued Mr Greg.

If motorists do not want to face the reality of being unable to find discount car insurance anywhere, they should then avoid drinking whilst driving this Christmas season, concluded the research and policy director.

Mr Greg’s comments come on the heels of the government’s latest drink driving campaign launch on the 1st of December.

Several thousand pubs across the country will be handing out rewards to designated drivers as one component of the government’s drink driving campaign.

Soft drink manufacturer Coca Cola has partnered with the government to award free non-alcoholic beverages to designated drivers in more than 8,000 venues that choose to participate with the campaign.

As motorists have faced a rise in car insurance rates over the past 12 months, a drink driving offence will only make an already poor situation that much worse, as the 17 to 22 year old age demographic has seen an increase of 51 percent to their insurance premiums according to the AA.

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