Breakdown cover key to discount car insurance

New research has been revealed that the key for obtaining discount car insurance may lie within one subtle difference between car insurance companies: the breakdown cover each company offers.

Drivers who take their time to compare car insurance breakdown cover between differing providers save more long-term than those who either blindly choose or just take the first one that comes along to them, sources say.

Vehicle breakdown cover has become more and more popular over the past few years since an increasing number of motorists have come to realise the highly valuable nature of such cover can be if a breakdown ever occurs.  The breakdown cover market offers several different tiers, one of which includes “home start” service; in the event of a breakdown at home, the insurer wills end someone directly to your home.

As demand for breakdown service has grown quickly, the number of companies that can offer the cover has rocketed to keep up with demand by a general expansion of the market.  The high number of available companies, all competing for a motorist’s business, have resulted in a market that can allow a vehicle owner to pick and choose this or her level of cover that they both want and can afford.

In the wake of the results of one study recently carried out it was discovered that those who took their time in comparing the different breakdown cover providers and plans had a higher likelihood of finding breakdown cover that was affordable.  Those that did not take the time to do a comparison tended to pay more for the same cover.

One official for the motor car insurance industry commented on the findings, stating that the cost of quality breakdown cover can have great variations between one provider and another.   The official continued, stating that consumers could face the possibility of paying more for the same amount of cover unless they take their time and check carefully.

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