Cheaper car insurance for new electric car, says Nissan

One car company has recently stated that its newly launched electric car will not only be energy efficient and friendly to the environment but will also boast cheaper car insurance costs as well.

The Nissan Leaf, newly announced by its Japanese parent company, is the newest entry into the growing electric car market.  Nissan has stated that its intention was to provide not only reliable cars that were easy to drive but also easy to secure motor car insurance for.

The Leaf has gone through meticulous planning and testing before its recent public unveiling.  The rationale behind the design of the Leaf was to provide customers a completely electric car that could provide a better and more pronounced impact on the lives of not just its owners but all human beings worldwide. The benefits exceed more than just not having the requirement of running on fossil fuels, which are costly, inefficient, and whose combustion pollutes the environment, says Nissan, but to aid in the stewardship of our planet’s sometimes fragile ecosystems.

While the electric car market is still small, and the market price of the Leaf has not yet been finalised, the Japanese car manufacturer has been quick to guarantee that discount car insurance cover for their new model auto will not be out of reach. As a result thousands of orders have been placed for the new electric car, with estimations of a 27,000 name long waiting list already made.

Despite all the benefits the Nissan Leaf boasts – energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and ease of maintenance – the manufacturer has additionally made claims that it has expectations of very low accident rates for its new, soon-to-be mass produced electric car. Moreover, Nissan has also stated that the Leaf will come with a standard 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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