Cheap car insurance for women but not men, says survey

Thanks in part to a survey recently conducted by Australia-based motor car insurance company AAMI, discount car insurance for women is much easier to come by than it is for men. These conclusions were drawn on the results of AAMI’s conducted review involving over 6,000 respondents surveyed regarding the safety habits of male versus female motor vehicle operators.

The AAMI interpreted the results of the survey in such a way as to discern exactly what the motives are behind car insurance companies charging women less than they do men. Out of all the men surveyed, nearly 84 per cent of them were discovered to have had incidences of road accidents.  In comparison, the number of female drivers who had some involvement in a traffic collision was found to be only 77 per cent, a difference of statistical significance. As a result, AAMI declared that females can be considered safer drivers than their male counterparts due to the differing car accident rates.

Geoff Hughes, spokesman for AAMI, further commented on their research findings, stating that not only are men more likely to become involved in an accident, any collisions that do occur are more serious than those suffered by female drivers. Mr Hughes stated that men have a higher likelihood of being involved in a head-on collision, crashes where the car rolls over or the driver loses control of the vehicle,  in addition to accidents that involved animals, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Many car insurance groups will be taking these results into account when it comes time to renew cover for their male customers;as the higher number of accidents a class of drivers is likely to be involved in, the higher the cost of their insurance in comparison to other classes of drivers.

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