Cheap car insurance comparison site branches out

One of the UK’s most well-traveled destinations for consumers in search of discount car insurance,, recently announced that it will be partnering with another well-known website to branch out from motor car insurance and begin offering credit card comparison shopping online as well.

Combining with, will not only offer car insurance comparison but also credit card services that will allow customers to compare credit card offers from up to 50 separate vendors.  As many shoppers are quite keen to ensure that their cards work as diligently as is possible for them as the Christmas period fast approaches, accountants have forecast a retail sales growth rate of 3 per cent, driven much by credit card use.

While is indeed best known for providing online car insurance quotes to its customers with an accurate and easy to use website that compares more than 100 different car insurance companies, one company spokesperson stated that the price comparison site has decided to diversify further into the credit card market.

The spokesperson continued, stating that since current increases to household expenditures, in addition to the current bleak economic landscape, making every penny count is incredibly important in this day and age.  As a result, has decided to partner with in order to more successfully serve its shoppers over a wide range of credit card offers, added the spokesperson. plans to include several different types of cards, such as those with 0 per cent interest on balance transfers or new purchases, cash back and rewards cards, or cards with a low APR lifetime balance.

This is not the first time the price comparison site has branched out from providing discount car insurance to its shoppers, however; the spokesperson pointed out that the new credit card comparison launch simply reinforces the company’s commitment to other areas such as travel, motor home, and caravan insurance comparisons as well.

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