Car insurance companies accuse customers of driving rates up

In response to the House of Commons Transport Committee’s recent investigation of the rampant rise in car insurance rates that have occurred over the past 12 months, car insurance companies have begun to fire back by accusing their customers of behaviour that has been driving rate hikes.

The car insurance industry has come down hard in expressing their disapproval of some parents of adult children for “fronting,” or putting the names of either their daughters or sons on their motor car insurance cover. ¬†What these insurance companies will not be so quick to admit is the fact that the practice is perfectly legal as long as both parents and children are observant of the terms and conditions of each individual policy

Many industry experts believe that instead of blaming their customers, car insurance companies, trade bodies, intermediaries, brokers and other industry members should in fact examine the role they play themselves in the scarcity of discount car insurance.

One of the biggest players in the car insurance business, the AA, recently admitted that the multi-billion pound industry has suffered horrifically in terms of the cost of insurance over the past 12 months.

Additionally, as these prices are considered likely to continue rising, many motorists will find it extremely important to spend many hours doing their due diligence to find discount car insurance that fits their budget.

Many insurance experts point out that any motor vehicle operator whose policy is about to expire should shop around before just renewing it.  There are many online comparison sites available to the public that will help motorists find the best deal.

Additionally, consumers should pause before buying a used car and investigate how expensive it would be to insure the vehicle, taking the added costs into account.

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