Points on your licence? Kiss discount car insurance goodbye

One price comparison site has recently stated that motor vehicle operators who end up with points on their licence can most likely kiss discount car insurance rates goodbye as a result.

Will Thomas, motor insurance head for popular comparison site Confused.com, recently made the point that the negative consequences of speeding do not end at simply endangering the lives of those with whom the road is shared.

Mr Thomas pointed out that if a motorist has been caught at exceeding the speed limit, he or she may be subject to significantly higher car insurance rates as a result of their documented recklessness.

Mr Thomas further remarked that while motor vehicle operators may be tempted to put their foot down whenever they may be in a rush to get somewhere, the importance of keeping the implications of exceeding the speed limit is quite high, especially where car insurance companies are concerned.

The spokesperson for Confused.com released his statement in conjunction with recently revealed research findings that showed a direct correlation between having points on a license and an increase in the cost of motor car insurance. ¬†The survey further found a motorist’s costs could be increased by up to 27 per cent by having points on their license.

In related news, the price comparison site reported in recent weeks that the number of people using its service soared by a rate of 53 per cent in the wake of BBC One’s Watchdog programme broadcast that focused on car insurance in the UK.

One of the very first price comparison sites in the UK, Confused.com has become a popular resource for UK consumers looking to find the best discount car insurance with the most coverage since its founding in 2002.  Initially just a source for car insurance comparison, the site has grown to include home, life, and travel insurance as well.

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