Poor visibility can lead to higher car insurance rates

While having even discount car insurance can protect you in the event of your involvement in an accident in weather both fair and foul, poor visibility can raise the chances that you will be involved in a situation that could end up raising your car insurance rates.  One sure-fire way to minimise such risks however is to ensure that the windshield wiper blades on your motor vehicle are in good working order.

The average windscreen wiper blade will traverse its path well over one million times every year.  These large number of repetitions can result in your blades deteriorating over time.  While most experts, such as car insurance groups, make recommendations to change your blades at least twice a year, many motorists do not even pay them any heed unless the blades develop an easily discernible problem.

Between the years of 1971 and 2000, the average rainfall in the UK was approximately 332 mm for every year, according to records released by the Met Office.  The climate of Britain should therefore demonstrate how important it is to keep windscreen wipers in good repair, as it only takes one instance of being caught in one of the UK’s frequent bouts of bad weather with a pair of faulty or non-functional wipers to raise your chances of being involved in an accident.

If your wipers are leaving either smears or streaks across your windscreen, that may be an indication that there may be something amiss with them.  One other common sign of a possible problem (not to mention an extremely irritating one), is when the blades bounce and skip across a windscreen noisily.

Many issues with wiper blades can be resolved by either cleaning the rubber with a solution of warm soapy water or replacing the blades altogether if they appear to be perished or torn.

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