How to save money on discount car insurance

Several industry experts have recently come forward to offer consumers tips on how to get cheaper car insurance.

One such strategy for obtaining the cheapest car insurance quote possible is to buy a theft device for your vehicle, experts say. Some of these devices need to be started by touching a control button, while others are automatic, but you should find that most new cars on the road today already have theft devices.  Having one equipped in your car could very likely result in you getting a discount on your insurance premium.

For drivers with multiple vehicles, something to think about is asking for a multiple car discount from your motor car insurance provider.

Sometimes insurance providers will make it so worth your while as to make the cost of insuring two cars nearly the same as just one.  Even if the cost isn’t the same, putting an additional car on your insurance can be much less costly than one would believe. Additionally, for motorists planning to put a second car up for sale, one trick to save on insurance would be to retain simple liability on the second in order to qualify for a multi-car discount. Industry experts say that there have been occasions when customers have taken a secondary car off their insurance policy and then received a newly adjusted premium with an increase instead of a price drop.

Finally, another good trick recommended by insurance industry experts is that of sticking to annual policies.  By locking in your policy on a yearly basis, you can end up saving cash in the long run as your rates will be locked in for the full 12 months. If you insure your vehicle on a 6 month policy, you run the risk of your provider upping your rates mid-year.

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