Improve education for discount car insurance for young drivers

As reducing the instances of them  getting into accidents will ultimately result in discount car insurance for young drivers, a new driver education programme in the UK is poised to make that happen.

The programme, called Drive iQ PRO, has plans to accomplish this by aiming to provide a highly structured educational regimen.  The end goals of Drive iQ are to not only teach basic skills to control a car safely but also to develop saver behaviour and attitudes for young drivers when they are out on the roadways.  As a result of the new emphasis on safety, the new programme if proved successful could lead to a drop of car insurance rates for younger drivers.

The programme differs from a more conventional motor vehicle education course by placing emphasis on self-assessment and reflective learning.  This will ensure that drivers are better equipped to cope with real-world situations they encounter whilst on the road, something that car insurance companies may take into account when offering young drivers insurance premiums.

The programme also includes a module that is taken after their test comprised of coaching on how to independently drive in a myriad of traffic, weather, and road conditions.  This added feature is currently absent from the current national driving test in that such a post-test module is only optional and not mandatory.

In addition to graduates of the programme earning a level 2 BTEC certification, there are other direct benefits for a PRO student. While improved motor vehicle operation is the main benefit, some car insurance groups have already signed on to provide exclusive premium deals for graduates; both the graduate and provisional rates are calculated using a fixed price matrix that is unique to the industry and offer discounts for students who enroll in the PRO programme.

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