Car insurance companies issue winter crime warning

Car insurance companies are beginning to speak out by warning motorists in the UK to take more than normal care during the coming winter season in order to avoid becoming victimised by car criminals who operate in the winter.

Now that peak dark driving time has descended across the UK, insurance provider Swinton is one of the many car insurance groups that has offered advice to motorists to minimise the risk that their vehicle will be targeted in the winter.

After carrying out a survey of over 1,000 of its Internet-based customers, Swinton found that even though night falls sooner and sooner with every passing day, a large proportion of drivers are neglecting to take extra precautionary measures.  32 per cent of respondents admitted to parking in poorly lit areas, the survey found, while 24 per cent of those surveyed revealed that while defrosting their windscreens, they leave their cars running.  Moreover 72 per cent of motorists stated that they leave expensive Christmas season purchases in full view in their back seats

Swinton stated that engaging in all practices will increase the probability of your becoming victimised by an instance of winter crime.  Since the evenings are longer, there is more time for criminals and thieves to engage in their activities in the dark such as breaking in and making off with valuables.

In order to diminish their chances of becoming victimised by such criminals, the insurer suggested some simple strategies such as removing or concealing all valuable merchandise or parking in an area with ample lighting.  Such activities can and will go long ways in closing the door on opportunistic thieves.  Swinton additionally made time to remind its customers that car insurance policies can be invalidated if cars are not locked regularly, so it is inadvisable to leave car keys in an ignition during windscreen defrosting as anyone coming down the street can help themselves.

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