2 out of every 3 teens personally affected by road crashes

As if finding discount car insurance for young drivers wasn’t hard enough, a new survey recently discovered that two out of every three teens have been personally affected by knowledge of someone in their life who has either suffered death or an injury in a road crash by the time they’re old enough to drive.

The survey, conducted by the AA, found that 67 per cent of teenagers between 16 and 17 years old knew a minimum of one road casualty, while 22 per cent knew of at least three.

11 per cent of teens have actually had direct involvement in a crash that resulted in death or injury by the time they turn 18 years old, the study also found.  While many car insurance companies will just make it exorbitantly expensive for young drivers to secure car insurance cover, many other organisations believe that there is a way that casualties can be reduced, according the AA’s research efforts.

Carrying out the study to support a new scheme to reduce the number of crashes young drivers have known as Drive iQ PRO, the Automobile Association has a strong investment in the new scheme that could prove to be a pioneering one.

The scheme is a a BTEC driver training qualification that has been specifically tailored  to aid new motorists to build safer behaviour and attitudes, something that could very well work to reduce car insurance rates for young drivers.

At 69 per cent, nearly 7 out of every ten young people aged 16 through 25 told the AA survey that younger drivers have the largest role to play in order to prevent casualties on the road involving them.  In comparison only 7 per cent felt the Government had a significant role, and only one out of every ten felt that young drivers’ parents held the responsibility.

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