Motor car insurance claims likeliest on Fridays in November

Accidents that result in motor car insurance claims are likeliest to occur on one of the several Friday afternoons in the month of November than they are in any other day or month, new statistics reveal.

Car accident help firm Accident Exchange recently released the new statistical data recently.  The traffic incident rate (and additionally the likelihood that car insurance rates increase as a result)rises by 9.2 per cent in the month of November.  Moreover Friday is the most dangerous day of the week in any given November, as 17.9 per cent of the month’s incidents occur on Fridays than any other day of the week.

Accident Exchange spokesman Lee Woodley commented on the fgures released by his company.  Mr Woodley stated that the data act as a word to the wise by warning motorists to be especially careful during the time of year where driving conditions tend to deteriorate as the effects of winter creep across the country.

Both evenings that get darker more and more early in conjunction with weather conditions worsening can be the cause of the uptick of accident rates, stated Mr Woodley.  He was quick to add that drivers can minimise risks of such accidents occurring by both being aware that road conditions are changing and becoming more vigilant in their driving habits.

In related news, one auto auction company recently suggested that motor vehicle operators should pay some extra attention to their cars before hitting the roads this month.  Manheim Auctions issued a statement that you can winterise your motor vehicle by making sure you purchase a high-quality scraper, screen wash, and de-icer in order to make your driving safer.  Additionally it suggested factoring in extra driving time in the event of bad weather and checking what the weather forecast has in store for you before leaving your house.

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