Avoid motor car insurance claims by checking headlights

While it may be easy to sit back and find an online car insurance quote with the advent of the Internet, don’t forget to get up and check your headlights to ensure they work before doing any night driving, says one auto company.

UK parts manufacturer Ring Automotive recently stated that problems with motor vehicle headlights can be highlighted by the increased amount of nighttime driving that occurs during the coming Fall and Winter months.  Checking your headlights is extremely important, as any level of motor car insurance can’t replace simply going out and turning the key.

With only a single headlight working properly, a car can easily be mistaken for a motorcycle by other oncoming cars.  Additionally reduced visibility on a dark, wet, and foggy motorway can be a recipe for disaster that could have an end result of making that discount car insurance you just found not so cheap after a cock-up.

As dangerous as a front light being out can be, a brake or tail bulb not operating properly could play a role in increasing your risk of becoming involved in a rear-end collision or shunt.  Again this could make the cheapest car insurance quote you can find much higher than normal without that handy no-claims discount.

Ring Automotive stated that it is both simple and quick to check your motor vehicle lights, and since it can help you and other motorists stay safer during night driving situations, it’s well worth the effort.  Additionally ensuring your lights are in working order can save you the hassle of a fine, added the company.

Ring Automotive also had another suggestion to make your night driving safer: check your tyre pressure.  Topping off any tyres low on air can not only ensure a safer and more stable ride, it can actually improve your car’s mileage as well.

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