Motor car insurance customers distracted by a pretty face

In news that is sure to launch another salvo in the battle of the sexes, new research indicates that motor car insurance customers can get dangerously distracted by a pretty face whilst operating their motor vehicles.

There are several things that can distract drivers and therefore contribute to motoring accidents.  Many of these occurrences, which will no doubt make car insurance brokers pull their hair out in frustration, include such things as texting or talking on mobile phones or distractions caused by pedestrians.

However there lurks a hidden menace in the motoring community: apparently many drivers can be quite negatively affected by members of the opposite sex according to Diamond, a firm specialising in discount car insurance for women.

The insurer conducted a 3000 person survey that revealed 15 per cent of respondents have either had a near miss or actually pranged their motor because they were distracted by a pretty face.  It also found that two out of every five motorists in the UK engage in flirtatious behaviour with other motorists regularly.

In a move that may drive car insurance rates for men up even further, Diamond also revealed that men are three times more likely to flirt with other drivers than their female counterparts.

While common flirtation techniques employ either a smile or a cheeky glance, the survey found that motorist tend to wave, wink, or sometimes even honk their horn at the objects of their affection.  Men are more prone to use this tactic, while women were found more likely to smile instead.

Moreover 63 per cent of men will favour another driver with courtesy if they find their fellow motorist attractive.  Women however were less swayed by good looks as only 42 per cent would engage in the same behaviour.  Additionally, men are three times more likely to be involved in a motor accident than women on the grounds of being distracted by a fetching face.

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