4 out of 5 uninsured motorists are men, new study says

At just over eighty per cent, four out of every five motorists convicted of driving without motor car insurance were men, says new research released by one price comparison website.

The research conducted by Confused.com also found that 42 per cent of all those uninsured are 25 years of age or younger, which makes the suggestion that discount car insurance for young drivers has become so scarce that its absence is inadvertently encouraging these young drivers to get behind the wheel without insurance.

The recent price index conducted by the firm found that drivers between the ages of 17 and 20 have experienced an increase in car insurance rates over the last year by £616, which raises the figure of an average quote to a total of £2,080.

The Bradford region has the largest percentage for motorists on the road without insurance.  This high incidence rate is indicated by how car insurance companies have hiked rates up to 58 per cent higher for those who reside and drive in the locale.

The Mancunian town of West Gorton took the dubious honor of a second place showing, according to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau’s research.  Saltley, Handsworth, and Small Heath, all suburbs of Birmingham, placed right underneath.

Motor insurance head for Confused.com Will Thomas commented that the insurance industry has been impacted very strongly by uninsured motorists.  Mr Thomas stated that the industry incurs costs of about £500 million every year due to uninsured drivers, and car insurance companies turn around and raise the premiums of their customers in order to compensate for the yearly loss.

Mr Thomas added that there are more than likely more insurance rate hikes on the horizon in order to cover the cost of uninsured motorists, which currently adds about £30 on average to responsible motorists’ policies.  Furthermore, the insurance expert stated, uninsured drivers and the costs they incur have most likely played a large hand in the 37 per cent hike of premiums that has occurred over the course of 2010.

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