Two out of every three motorists affected by fuel prices

Two out of every three motorists in the UK have been affected by the recent hike in the price of petrol, according to data released by price comparison site

65 per cent of respondents to a poll conducted by the website revealed that rising fuel costs have impacted their driving habits  This has prompted many motorists to cut costs elsewhere by switching to cheaper car insurance, while others (57 per cent according to the survey) have significantly reduced the frequency of their motoring.

While three out of every 10 motorists have not had to alter their driving habits, 8 per cent have actually ceased driving altogether due to the prohibitively expensive nature of the activity.

The website’s motor car insurance head Steve Sweeney stated that everyone affected by the price hikes needs to become more shrewd in how they spend their money, especially since driving has become more of a resource drain as of late.

Mr Sweeney indicated that car insurance rates have been rising recently as well, which is only exacerbating the problem caused by the fuel rate hike.

Finding discount car insurance in the UK is of the utmost importance at the moment, said the industry expert.  Obtaining car insurance cover that is less of a strain on financial resources will enable motorists to fill their petrol tanks without having to bankrupt themselves, he added.

Mr Sweeney also suggested several steps motorists could take to reduce their car insurance premiums.  Many insurance policies will award policyholders with a reduced rate for making their cars less likely to be stolen.  One way to do so would be by outfitting a car with an immobiliser or car alarm approved for use by the insurance company; likewise if a motorist parks their car in a locked garage, policy premiums will reflect that positively as well.

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