Ways to obtain discount car insurance for young drivers

Learning to drive a motor vehicle can be quite an expense.  As more and more younger people are becoming qualified to be motorists due to the ready availability of driving lessons, younger drivers will soon be flooding the nation’s highways and byways in ever greater numbers.

The costs of lessons, purchasing even a used vehicle, and then obtaining cover can be daunting for a young driver.  While it can be challenging to obtain discount car insurance for young drivers, it is quite possible provided you take some easy steps to make yourself more attractive to car insurance companies.

One unavoidable truth is that young drivers between 17 and 21 years of age are statistically more likely to cause accidents.  This can make it difficult to find motor car insurance that won’t cost an arm and a leg, but one easy way to control costs is by perusing the myriad price comparison sites on the Internet for the best deal.

Through a careful price comparison, finding an online car insurance quote that fits your budget may take some time but will be rewarding in the long run.  Additionally some experts say beginning your driving career with a motorcycle or a motorbike instead of a traditional four-wheeled auto often results in cheaper insurance for the vehicle.  An added bonus is that whilst operating a motorbike, you’re logging hours on the road that can lead to cheaper car insurance when it’s time for something with doors and a roof.

One oft-used strategy is to have an additional person, such as a relative,  listed on your insurance policy, especially if they are older and have had a clean driving record for several years.  Even if he or she seldom drives your car, your premiums will still be much lower as a result.

Finally, resist the urge to tart up your ride.  After-market modifications to a motor car can make your premiums skyrocket, so leave off with the spinners and ground effects and your premiums will be much lower in the long run!

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