Expert suggests switching to discount car insurance to save

One industry expert recently stated that in order to control rising motor car operation costs, one possible solution may be to switch to cheaper car insurance.

Because of these rising costs approximately 2 out of every 3 motorists in the UK have had to adjust their driving habits, stated’s newest research survey.  Petrol prices were reported as one of the main culprits behind the trouble.

One way to counteract these heightened costs, the website experts suggested, is by switching to a discount car insurance option that would result in smaller monthly premium payments.  As the research findings indicated that a total of 8 per cent of all drivers in the UK have actually ceased motoring due to heightened costs, budget car insurance may reduce costs enough to get them back on the road once more.

Moneysupermarket’s car insurance head Steve Sweeney commented on the findings, stating that the costs of operating a car on a motorist’s finances can be quite high.  However Mr Sweeney counselled against cutting driving out altogether, indicating that making such a sacrifice can be easily avoided by simply comparing car insurance quotes from several different companies in order to find the best, and most affordable car insurance deal.

The price comparison website’s research findings follow closely on the Finance and Leasing Associations’s newest publication regarding the car purchasing behaviour of UK consumers.  The Association found that, in comparison to the same time last year, in august of 2010 there were more used cars purchased with the help of finance than previously.

Industry experts state that the increase in motorists financing used car purchases indicates that people have less cash than they did previously, leading to an overall tightening of the belt across the UK as many Brits choose the best and cheapest deals they can find in order to stretch their cash.

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