Swansea has country’s most surly drivers, research shows

Motor car insurance provider AXA’s recently commissioned motorist behavioural study has shown that out of the entire country Swansea has the most impolite drivers.

The city with the most courtesy, the study found, was Southampton, something that may begin to affect car insurance rates for drivers from the newly crowned “most polite city in the UK.”

Axa’s research methods involved a battery of seven live observation examinations in order to assess the behaviour of motorists across the UK, which revealed that motor vehicle operators in Swansea had the worst driving habits in regards to respectful behaviour.

Most drivers in Swansea would seemed to flip a coin when approaching for a red light, as the stop rate was only 50 per cent.  Drivers from Leeds, in comparison, stopped around 85 per cent of the time.  Furthermore in Swansea nearly 3 out of every 4 drivers neglected to correctly indicate at intersections as well.  Industry experts are already predicting higher car insurance quotes in the not-so-distant future for the city.

Southampton, in comparison, came off quite well, as the rates that drivers in the city stopped at zebra crossings and red lights, in addition to ensuring they indicated correctly, were much higher.

Leeds was second place on the list, which were followed by the cities and towns of Sheffield, Brighton, Howe, and Wrexham.

Out of the thirty cities examined by the study, three of the worst were the university cities of Cambridge, Edinburgh, and Oxford, which were just above Swansea in the rankings.

Tina Shortle, spokesperson for AXA car insurance, stated that the study will finally put to rest the old chestnut that Londoners were the most terrible drivers in the country.

Additionally Ms Shortle stated that AXA, in an effort to encourage drivers to act more respectfully behind the wheel, was prepared to offer a 90% no claims discount over the Internet for qualifying customers.

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