Secure homes lead to safe cars, says Swinton

After a reported increase in break ins that have resulted in the theft of car keys, motor car insurance provider Swinton recently warned homeowners that ensuring their homes are adequately secured will in turn lead to protecting their cars.

While having a car with a security system can lead to a lower car insurance rate, recent improvements to them have resulted in it being a requirement for a car thief to be in possession of the physical key in order to abscond with the vehicle, which has led to an increase to that particular brand of car crime, says the British Insurance Brokers Association.

Swinton, leading UK retailer of both discount car insurance and home insurance, has therefore warned homeowners that there are several ways they can secure their homes adequately to prevent having a home insurance claim lead to a car insurance claim as well.

Several tips that Swinton offered include: refraining from hiding spare keys under a flowerpot or a welcome mat, as thieves routinely check there first; keep car keys hidden far from view of doors or windows; not having both your car keys and your home keys on the same key ring; keeping your house locked even while at home, as it only takes a moment for a thief to enter unnoticed and flee with a set of keys; and, as a thief could easily use a hook and wire to retrieve them, never leave a key on the inside of a locked door.

Swinton’s manager of Insurance Development, Steve Chelton, also commented, saying that thieves have attempted to keep up with the sophistication of car security systems by coming up with new and innovative ways to nick car keys; as a result, Mr Chelton said, the primary target for these thieves has become house break ins, but by making the investment to add additional levels of security homeowners can ensure the safety of not just your car but also your home as well.

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