Cheap car insurance for women coming to end?

Thanks to Euro Zone judges that have recently been considering whether the practice is in contravention of equality laws in the EU, discount car insurance for women may unfortunately become a thing of the past.

Car insurance quotes will be adversely affected if those judges ultimately find that the practice does so, which will make it illegal for insurance premiums to be adjusted on the basis of gender.  Many industry experts have taken issue with the concept, as premiums are generated based on claims statistics that indicate that a certain risk group, if less likely to file a claim, is to be charged less; to that effect, women have been proven statistically to be less likely to go to their car insurance groups with a claim than men are.

Furthermore other industry experts have pointed out that even if viewing the issue through the lens of discrimination, men are not the only class who have been disadvantaged by the practice, as those who have to park their cars on the street, those who have to drive at times that are more dangerous than others, or those who happen to live in a geographical location with a higher crime rate than not all have higher than average car insurance rates.
The silver lining of course is that there are several ways to reduce your premiums, even regardless of your gender, if you simply compare car insurance quotes by using price comparison websites. If you do happen to be female, be hesitant to go with those insurers who specialise in women only, as research has proven that generally mainstream insurers offer the same coverage for a comparable price.

Additionally, due to statistical models used by insurers, describing your occupation in one way as opposed to another can lead to higher or lower rates as insurers will attempt to, based upon your career, make assumptions on your behaviour when behind the wheel.  Journalists, for example, are typically rated higher risk due to assumptions that their car use is higher, even if that is not the case.

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