Aberdeen drivers most polite, new survey finds

According to the results of a newly conducted survey by a leading provider of discount car insurance, drivers in Aberdeen rank the highest out of all other Scottish drivers in regards to being polite whilst behind the wheel.

The report, which was conducted by Axa motor car insurance, examined 30 cities and towns across the UK, and listed Aberdeen in 17th place overall as far as courtesy on the road is concerned.  Aberdeen ranked above both Edinburgh and Glasgow, which ranked 22nd overall.

Factors examined by the study’s findings were among several, including how much regard drivers gave for red lights, parking restrictions, and pedestrian crossings in each city and town surveyed.

In news that will make car insurance groups less reticent to provide cover for the city, Southampton was found as the most courteous city, with 87 per cent of motorists stopping at zebra crossings, and 74 per cent allowing buses to pull out in front of them.

The study indicated that over 50 per cent fully indicated at roundabouts, whilst during the morning hours, all motorists obeyed red lights.

In last-place Swansea only one out of every two drivers stopped when faced with a red light, and a full third simply refused to stop at zebra crossings for pedestrians to cross.

Kevin Stewart, Aberdeen councillor and chairman for Nestrans, the regional transport board, commented on the findings, stating that whilst frustration levels on UK roads can run high, the act of being polite has no cost associated with it. ¬†Mr Stewart also expressed wishes that Aberdeen had risen higher on the table, but he was relieved that they were far away from Swansea’s position.

Planning, infrastructure, and enterprise convener Kate Dean of the Aberdeen City Council also commented, stating that like any other city, Aberdeen has its myriad traffic problems, but on the whole the motorists in the city value courtesy more often than not.

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