Marmalade reveals key to reduce insurance quotes

The apparent key to the reduction of car insurance quotes for younger drivers is to improve safety standards, as recently revealed by young driver specialists Marmalade.

Nigel Lacy, Marmalade representative, recently offered the explanation that car insurance rates are increasing across the board for young male motorists, and that lower rates could be in these motorists’ futures if they could be given more encouragement to drive in a safer manner.

Young males have seen a rise in car insurance costs recently by46.6 per cent, which translates to an average £2,457 spent on car insurance premiums annually.  The average rate for the UK is significantly below that mark, as the rest of the country has only faced a general increase of approximately 40.5 per cent to the cost of their own insurance premiums.

The youngest of male motorists can sometimes even face two times that figure of £2,457, which can end up becoming a discouragement from their taking out motor car insurance in the first place.

In an effort to encourage increased safety, Young Marmalade is currently testing behaviour tracking systems in order to record such actions as excessive cornering or breaking to insurance providers.

In 2009 nearly one out of every three male motorists who either experienced a serious injury or a fatal accident on the road were under the age of 25.

This past September, learner driver insurance specialists Provisional Marmalade came forward with their support of Road Safety Minister Mike Penning’s suggestion to increase the difficulty of the driving test in an effort to develop better skills in young drivers, with the hopes that doing so would result in a lower incidence of fatal and near-fatal auto traffic collisions and other related accidents.

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