Cash-for-crash mastermind caught red-handed

In a move sure to make car insurance companies breathe a sigh of relief, North Bradford and Airedale Police have sent a strong message to the cash-for-crash criminal community after a £150,000 confiscation from Mohammed Rashid on 11 October, as warranted by the Proceeds of Crime Act.

At a hearing at the Bradford Crown Court, Mr Rashid received the compulsory order to remit £150,000 to the police within six months, in addition to still being responsible for an additional £150,000 as well.

Mr Rashid, currently in prison for submitting fraudulent claims to car insurance groups after arranging fake accidents, runs the risk of having his current prison term extended by more than two additional years if he does not make his first £150,000 payment in a timely manner.  Mr Rashid has been incarcerated since 2008.

Mr Rashid, formerly the owner of the ‘Keighley’s Autotransorm’ garage, received a five year sentence for his crash-for-cash schemes, a scam that was uncovered by the Insurance Fraud Bureau in conjunction with the North Bradford and Airedale CID.

The Proceeds of Crime Act money, set to be confiscated from Mr Rashid,  will be re-invested towards both national crime prevention measures and also in community outreach programs.

North Bradford and Airedale Police specialist Proceeds of Crime Act unit head Detective Sergeant Dave Marston stated that his team expressed pleasure with confiscating the cash, saying that the significantly high amount of cash confiscated sends a clear message to criminals that their ill-gotten gains are not safe from legal repercussions.

Additionally, Glen Marr, director of the IFB, stated that the motor car insurance industry is no longer to be viewed as easy pickings for perpetrators of organised fraud, stating that the example set by Mr Rashid will hammer the message home to other criminals that not only do they run the risk of incarceration for their crimes but will find their ill-gotten gains subject to confiscation as well.

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