Keep motor car insurance claims down by securing plates, police say

Police have recently been issued reminders on how to keep cloning-related motor car insurance claims down to motorists in Salford, stating that ensuring that their registration plates are securely fastened to their vehicles is of the utmost importance.

Car insurance companies have been dealing with a recent spate of claims caused by criminals, who are snatching plates in order to avoid offences related to speeding and parking violations, in addition to the theft of petrol from garage forecourts.

Additionally, motor vehicle safety website has also reported that there have been cases in which consumers have purchased a motor vehicle without knowing that it has been outfitted with falsified registration plates, upon undergoing a car insurance comparison for their new car, will then discover that not only do they in actuality not own the vehicle but will only have to face the fact that none of the cash they paid to purchase it will be returned to them in addition to their requirement of surrendering the car to the authorities.

Darren Betts, Police Community Support Officer, recently provided a statement delineating several methods to ensure that criminals have a much harder time in trying to nick consumers’ registration plates; one such method, Officer Betts explained, was employing the use of screws that are specifically designed to be tamper-resistant.

Additionally Officer Betts issued reminders to motorists to never leave high-ticket items – such as mobile phones, satnavs, or laptops – in plain sight in their vehicles in order to discourage any thieves from making an opportunistic grab for any valuables left out in the open, as a determined thief will not let a simple pane of glass stop him or her from absconding with any loot they may find in an unattended motor vehicle parked in a secluded area.

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