2.6 million UK motorists would drive despite failing MOT test

In news that will certainly send car insurance groups scrambling to raise their premiums, recently released study findings detailed that 2.6 million UK drivers would actually contemplate operating their motor vehicles even in the event that they had failed an MOT examination.

The research study, which was commissioned by automotive repair specialists Kwik-Fit, revealed that up to 1.6 million motorists would decide to make regular short car trips even in the event of their automobile’s MoT elapsing; an additional one million professed their comfort in engaging in even longer trips , something their motor car insurance companies would be quite interested in learning.

These new figures from the research survey could lead to a subsequent rise in car insurance rates, since the danger inherent to drivers operating motor vehicles without a valid MOT is higher, as traffic collisions tend to statistically occur more often with cars that haven’t passed their MOT.

Also discovered by the research was the fact that passengers have even less compunctions than drivers when it comes to being in a car that hasn’t passed its MOT, as 17 million respondents had no problem with the concept.  Additionally women tended to show better sense than their male counterparts, as only 4 per cent of female respondents had no problems with driving without a valid MOT, compared to twice that figure – 8 per cent – for men.

The two areas of the country most likely to benefit from discount car insurance in the future, if car insurance groups begin to adjust their rates in response to the findings, would be the Midlands and the north, who were recorded as most unlikely to drive a car without a valid MOT.  The worst?  South-east drivers led the pack, but Wales, the south-west, and Scotland were not far behind them.

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