New EU rules may affect discount car insurance for women

The AA recently made its concerns known regarding the possibilities that certain European Union gender discrimination regulations could spell the end of discount car insurance for women, despite statistical data showing that women have better safety records than their male counterparts.

Insurance director for the AA, Simon Douglas, commented on the prospects of motor car insurance for women becoming more expensive, saying that if the EU regulations become adopted into British law, the results will be that women will be subsidising male motorists’ insurance premiums, despite the fact that females of the same age are involved in a statistically significant smaller number of serious motor accidents.

Car insurance rates for male drivers, especially younger males, are significantly higher due to the fact that they typically will submit claims that are doubly larger than female motorists of the same age, Mr Douglas added.

Mr Douglas’ commentary followed upon the claims that Juliane Kokott, advocate-general for the EU, made that the practise of car insurance companies using gender as even a partial base for determining insurance premiums was in violation of fundamental individual rights.

Price comparison website’s motor insurance head Will Thomas also commented on the issue, stating that gender is not always the definitive factor for car insurance companies whilst calculating insurance policy premiums for a given customer.  Additionally Mr Thomas stated that any men that are expecting the current costs of their car insurance policies to be adjusted downward as a result of the new regulations may very well be in for a rude awakening.

Insurance industry experts instead have been predicting that women will be the most adversely affected by the new rules, with their premiums rising to meet that of their male counterparts, with no changes to the current rates for male drivers being anticipated.

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