DIA reminds young drivers of their responsibilities

Motorists currently in possession of discount car insurance for young drivers recently received a reminder on just how crucial it is to be mindful of how responsible they must be whenever operating a motor vehicle on the nation’s roads.

Younger motorists have an obligation to look after not only any passengers in their vehicle but also themselves, the Driving Instructors Association recently stated.

DIA group manager Steve Garrod also commented, stating that the responsibility young drivers have should also be extended to other users of the road, which includes pedestrians and cyclists in addition to fellow motor vehicle operators, especially in light of the propensity for car insurance companies to charge younger drivers higher premiums due to their propensity for higher accident rates.

Mr Garrod’s comments came following the DIA’s recently renewed commitment to Road Safety Week, an event that Brake, a UK charity group, has been organising.

Mr Garrod also commented that the new initiative, slated to commence on 22 November of this year, should aid in reducing the costs of car insurance quotes for young drivers by reducing the number of traffic collision fatalities as a result of motor vehicle operators on roads in the UK.

In addition Mr Garrod made it clear that there are many members of the DIA currently working on a volunteer basis in schools and colleges in order to more strongly emphasise that young people must develop their driving skills unceasingly over the course of their lifetimes.

This initiative follows upon the recent urging of Brake to the government to take a stonger, bolder stance in its devising of new strategic approaches to reduce the number of deaths experienced on British roads as the result of careless driving practises on the part of motorists both young and old in the UK.

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