Young drivers encouraged to check their brake lights

Consumers that currently have discount car insurance for young drivers have recently received encouragement to check to ensure that their brake lights are working properly by one industry expert.

Motorists are at an increased likelihood of facing road conditions that are more hazardous than normal in the next few months,’s independent RAC inspector Ron Waldock says.

Mr Waldock attributes these new hazards due to the fact that the nation’s clocks are soon to be set back, saying that winter and autumn nights will soon be drawing in.  Additionally, car insurance companies may very well be in for several new claims from young drivers who are unaccustomed to driving at night.

The RAC inspector felt it would benefit motorists in being reminded that during nighttime driving, it is very important to remain as visible as possible to other motorists, advising that all the lights on their cars be clean and in proper working order in order to ensure that high standard of visibility, as having an auto accident can result in your car insurance rates going up.

Mr Waldock’s comments came in conjunction with recent research findings released by which revealed that approximately  one out of every 15 vans, cars, lorries, and motorcycles currently operate with at least one of their brake lights missing.

However, a hike in motor car insurance could be the least of your problems, as death or serious injury can occur from an accident any time of day or night.’s research findings follow closely on a report by the BBC News in which Northampton Borough Council officials revealed that during a recent spot check of area taxis, one was taken out of service due to the fact that its brake lights were not functioning properly.

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