Nearly 1 in 4 breakdown policies don’t cover misfuelling

Recently reported research findings have revealed that at 23 per cent, nearly one out of every four UK breakdown policies do not provide accidental misfuelling cover.  Additionally, 14 per cent of motor car insurance policies neglect to cover drivers if they run dry whilst on the road.

There can be quite serious repercussions for using the inappropriate kind of fuel for a car’s engine; in addition for the costly repairs that will need to be made to the car in order to get it functioning properly again, cheaper car insurance policies will sometimes not cover the costs of having the vehicle towed to a garage, resulting in having to pay the additional expense out-of-pocket.

Since research figures report that misfuelling incidents occur quite regularly, with 100,000 instances of motorists filling up their tanks with the incorrect fuel for their cars in Britain in 2009 alone, failures on car insurance companies to cover misfuelling has industry experts worried.

Motorists new to driving are particularly high risk classes for the accidental filling of their cars with the inappropriate fuel, due to the lack of familiarity with their motor car in addition to ignorance concerning the UK’s colour coded system of petrol pumps.  In light of these reasons, automotive experts have begun to advise that new drivers take extra steps to ensure their breakdown insurer offers misfuelling cover in the event of a worst-case scenario.

The statistics concerning the misfuelling figures were recently presented by Defaqto, an independent research group who also discovered that additionally a significant percentage of motor car insurance providers were tacking on extra fees to their policies, such as levying a fee of up to £85 in the event that a motorist desired to cancel their existing policy before the end of its term.

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