Car insurance group discovers their drivers have bad vision

Car insurance group LV= recently announced its intentions to commision research that indicated that 4.2 million UK drivers who don’t currently wear corrective lenses freely admit that their eyesight may not be perfect, in addition to the 1.1 million motorists who need contact lenses or glasses for driving but may not always wear them behind the wheel.

In a result that may very well drive up car insurance rates over half of the drivers questioned in the study reported that they would simply routinely forget to not wear their glasses whilst driving, which was more common than the 32 per cent of respondents who stated that despite medical advisement to the contrary, they felt they simply had no need for corrective lenses.

23 per cent of drivers who do not have corrective lenses admit that they may have imperfect eyesight, according to the study, while 11 per cent reported difficulties seeing the road clearly whilst driving at night.  In addition, 6 per cent of motor car insurance policyholders found that driving in poor weather a challenging pursuit.

However, one out of three drivers have neglected to get an eye test done in the last half a decade, while 13 per cent have gone either 10 years – or more – between now and their last eye examination.

While there are no legal requirements for the frequency in which motorists take eye tests, most experts recommend that drivers should have one at least every two years; eye tests are not compulsory until motorists reach the age of 70.

In order to ensure that they can continue to provide discount car insurance to their customers, LV= recommends drivers to never go more than two years between eye exams in addition to wearing any corrective lenses they may have, whether they be contact lenses or traditional eyeglasses.

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