One out of five prang and run, reveals new research

One out of every five motorists who collide with a parked car will depart the scene of the accident if the damaged car’s owner isn’t present, new research recently revealed.

The 20 per cent of all drivers who prang and run have been raising car insurance rates, which have forced car owners that have no involvement in such activities holding the £169 million receipt for the unclaimed auto damage.

The average cost to a victim of a prang and rung is approximate £1,800 to repair the damage, and car insurance groups tend to rescind their customers’ no-claims bonus, in addition to attaching a quite large ‘excess’ charge as well, in the event of a reported accident.

Accidents in which parked cares are involved make up an approximate 700,000 crashes, out of the 3.5 million reported collisions that occur every year, according to data gathered by Accident Exchange, a driver support company; even the cheapest of discount car insurance policies tend to raise their premiums for any given customer after a reported accident, even if the victim of the prang and run isn’t even within the presence of their car at the time of the collision – something that occurs approximately 500,000 times a year.

Additionally, in approximate 94,000 of these incidents, the motorist responsible for the damage absconds from the scene without being identified, which has cost innocent motorists a bare minimum of £169 million on a yearly basis.

The total charges, however, may not be accurate; it could in fact be even higher.  This is due to the fact that many people who have become the victim of a prang and run would rather cough up the cash for repair work out of pocket rather than run the risk of losing the no-claims bonus on their insurance policy by making a claim for the damages to their parked car.

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