Report reveals some discount car insurance quotes preclude road rage

A recently released report of the car insurance industry that, at 94 per cent, the vast majority of discount car insurance quotes in Britain have no cover for incidents involving road rage.

This new revelation has been made in spite of a different motor car insurance holder study’s conclusion that a large percentage of drivers actively seek a policy that has road rage cover available; drivers 55 years old or older were especially keen on procuring road rage car insurance cover.

While 94 per cent is indeed quite an alarmingly high figure, the landscape is changing; it has become more common for even budget car insurance to carry some kind of road rage cover, as the 2005 figures regarding the cover’s availability indicate that 99 per cent of all policies had no road rage incident protection whatsoever.

This year, one out of every eight motor car insurance policies had some sort of road rage protection in place, but the large number of conditional attachments to each particular policy that offered the cover could provide serious impediments to any car owner who wished to make a claim under their insurance policy’s road rage clauses.

One common exclusionary tactic is to bar payout on policies if the claimant somehow exacerbated the situation by egging the road rage attacker on in any way verbally, while another commonly used loophole is for the insurance company to insist there be no pre-existing relationship between the attacker and the insured, which would otherwise suggest another possible attack motive besides road rage.

In those few cases where car insurance companies have actually paid out to road rage victims, most often there is an award of funds in order to provide therapeutic counselling in the wake of such an attack in addition to any sort of compensation for any physical altercation that takes place.

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