New scheme may provide cheap insurance for young drivers

Industry experts have recently suggested that if a scheme in which driving licences were introduced in a graduated manner, it could effectively begin to provide cheap insurance for young drivers.

Newly qualified motorists could very well see a reduction in their motor car insurance rates by 10 per cent if graduated driving licence schemes were put into effect, according to several different estimates conducted by industry experts.

Motorists who have passed their tests recently would be banned from certain activities under a graduated driving scheme; these such activities include transporting passengers close in age to themselves or driving after nightfall.  If such practices were implemented, approximately 200 less lives would be lost annually according to research recently conducted by Cardiff University.

According to car insurance rate statistics, the likelihood of the nation’s youngest drivers, who range from the ages of 17 and 19 years, are the most likely to have some involvement in a road traffic collision or other accident.  Additionally research also reveals that over 60 per cent of all car accident claims for this young driver demographic are due to male motorists.  As a result this particular demographic’s car insurance rates are exorbitantly high in order to offset the heightened risk; a reduction in premiums for younger motorists would most likely be welcomed, as it would mean that driving for them, even with the new limitations placed upon them by a graduated licence scheme, would become much more affordable.

The idea of a graduated scheme, however, is still in the early planning stages and there are no official plans to adopt the recommendations.  There are unfortunately no guarantees that the motor laws of the UK will ever be changed to implement such a revolutionary new plan.

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