Car insurance brokers raise their fees, says Which? magazine

A recent survey conducted by Which? magazine revealed that, thanks to some home and car insurance brokers raising the administration fees they may charge for altering insurance policies, even changing your insurance policy in a minor way could lead to surcharges as much as £55 in some instances.

The suggestion of the survey is that while altering car insurance policies, even budget car insurance, or in some cases simply having insurance records altered, could lead to some underwriting firms electing to pass small fees on to the end consumer, this is not yet a guaranteed occurrence.

The magazine report advises consumers to take the time to question insurance agents in regards to exactly from which entity does fee originate but to also enquire as to what any fees or surcharges are pertaining.   While it seems to be getting more rare with every passing day, discount car insurance is still available in the UK; however a charge of £55 above and beyond whatever a consumer pays towards his or her monthly premium is only making a bad situation worse.

Luckily there are ample ways to reducing both your home insurance and your car insurance premiums, and in the current economic climate when so many of us are still struggling to ends meet, every little extra bit of cash helps.

In order to qualify for a premium reduction, simply fitting a home alarm system can help manage a home insurance premium slightly, and ensuring that consumers park their cars in driveways instead of on the street is another way to reduce even the cheapest car insurance quote currently on the market today; additionally, making an agreement with a car insurance provider to limit the number of miles a car is driven in any given year, among other similar limitations can further reduce a policyholder’s costs.

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