MIB teams with Top Gear to promote car insurance

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau recently joined forces with the highly popular TV programme Top Gear through its website topgear.com in order to educate visitors to the website on the dangers of climbing into uninsured vehicles.

The newly anounced partnership is part of the new Stay Insured campaign for the MIB, which emphasises the grave importance of ensuring motorists have proper cover for their vehicles; the importance of obtaining even discount car insurance for young drivers is doubly stressed.

Younger drivers have a higher likelihood of being causing or even being involved in an accident; within their first year on the road this figure is even more likely, necessitating the need for motor car insurance.

Drivers that are concerned if they have the proper insurance can check their status by using the Motor Insurance Database.

Drivers who are uninsured are considered to be five times more likely to have some sort of accident involvement, and car insurance rates for motorists who do possess cover experience a premium hike of £30 as a result.

Not possessing insurance is a serious legal violation, leading to a minimum of 6 points on the offender’s licence, seizure of their vehicle, a fine of £200, and an additional fee of £150 in order to reclaim their vehicle, in addition to having to provide proof they are now properly insured.

From October 2009, Top Gear presenter Richard ‘Hamster’ Hammond, one of the three hosts of the programme, has been endorsing specialist car insurer Young Marmalade as a source for young drivers to obtain cover in order to avoid legal complications in the event of an accident.

Young Marmalade, through a product called its Provisional Marmalade offering, has been an option for new drivers in search of cheaper car insurance while they begin down the road of learning proper and safe driving habits.

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