Cheap car insurance provider Allianz announces new motor claims operations manager

Cheap car insurance provider Allianz recently released an announcement in regards to the appointment of their motor claims operations manager Alan Collins.

Mr Collins joins the motor car insurance division of Allianz from his previous position of claims service manager for EMR Services.  Mr Collins was with EMR for the past three years.

In his new position, Mr Collins will be responsible for oversight of maximising how effective the operations of Allianz’s car insurance brokers‘ motor claims team, which would ensure that any claims that arise would be handled in both an efficient and professional manner.  Mr Collins would also be responsible for providing management in controlling the cost of any motor claims.

Mr Collins, who will be based out of  Milton Keynes, will also have responsibilities relating to building relationships for Allianz’s clients in addition to both improving existing software and creating new programmes for Allianz’s external and internal computing needs.

Earlier in the month of September, the direct car insurance provider also made changes in one of its other groups when it appointed a new operation manager for its household claims arm.

Mr Gary Coton joined Allianz after working for insurer AIG, where he was instrumental in improving the operational efficiency for the rival company’s Accounts Receivable and Premium Booking processes.

The Allianz Group, founded in 1890 in the German cities of Berlin and Munich,  has earned a reputation for  offering high quality insurance products on a global scale, including car insurance, for several years.

While the insurance group has deep roots in its native market of Southern, Western, and Northern Europe, Allianz has international insurance operations abroad in Eastern and Central Europe and the Asia-Pacific markets as well, with an additional insurance provider presence in Africa and North America as well.

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